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Time to relax, float (bobber) fishing
Fishing in Finland

Finland is a paradise for people who love fishing. With its countless lakes such as Lake Kitka and its many rivers, it is no wonder that fishing is one of the main leisure pursuits of the people of Finland. Almost every family in Finland has a boat and at least one fishing rod.

Fish in different shapes and sizes

Due to the diversity of the Finnish landscape, there are many ways of fishing. Ice fishing, for example, is an activity that gives Finnish relaxation. But fishing on a wildly flowing river, in a boat on a lake or at sea or from the coastline are also popular. There are also all kinds of fish in the Finnish waters of Lake Kitka or around Ruka. Carp, salmon, hake, cod, perch and trout are just a few examples. Ruka area is more than just looking at a rod and hoping that you will catch something. Fishing in Finland makes you to become aware of the beautiful nature around you. It is exciting and relaxing at the same time. It is a way to find the balance between people and nature.

Fishing program in Finland

We are going to fish on Lake Kitka or in Ruka! Lake Kitka is the largest freshwater source in Finland and is packed with fish. Ruka is located in the municipality of Kuusamo, and is thé water sports area with its many lakes and rivers. From the Taiga School, located on Lake Kitka and a ten-minute boat ride from Ruka, we take our electric boats and search for a good place to fish. We provide fishing equipment, fishing permits and a delicious meal. You can fish during the day, but also night fishing on Lake Kitka or in Ruka is possible. With a bit of luck you might see the beautiful northern lights from the water!

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Husky Aurora Chase

Husky Aurora Chase