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Survival in the outdoors!
Bushcrafting in Finland.

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Samis and learn how to survive in the outdoors! The Sami have lived in Sápmi since time immemorial, an area that is partly located in Lapland. The forefathers of the Sami were hunters and fishermen and knew exactly how to live off the land without exploiting it. They gathered wild plants and berries, lit a fire, built huts against the often harsh weather conditions, and moved through the forest via almost invisible reindeer paths. The skills of the Sami to survive in nature are known as 'bushcraft' or 'survival'.

Bushcraft in Finland

The Sami did bushcraft out of necessity. These days, this type of survival is no longer necessary, but it is still an experience. And very educational for everyone! Bushcraft in Finland teaches you to respect all aspects of nature. It teaches you to look differently at plants and animals, it teaches you to feel the energy of everything that lives. Survival is more than just knowing what you can eat and drink being out in the nature!

Bushcraft program in Finland

Leaded by a guide, we head into the nature of Finland and go on a survival in one of the Finnisch national parks. Here we learn all kinds of bushcraft skills, such as the distinction between edible and non-edible plants, berries and mushrooms, making fire and building a (primitive) shelter. You learn to recognize the invisible paths of the reindeer and find your way through a forest. You learn to catch a fish when the water is frozen. You will discover the balance between people and nature, the primal balance within yourself.

Doing things together ensures connection. Hunting and gathering food in good harmony is the key to survival in nature. Sitting together around the campfire at the end of the day and enjoying your own catches, provides that togetherness and is also very cozy!

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