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Taigaschool Aurora Husky Chase

Discover Aurora Borealis, discover the Northern Lights! A northern light adventure with a husky sled through the beautiful surroundings of Ruka in Lapland.

The wind in your hair, the murmur of the sled over the snow in your ears, the endless white world around you and the starry sky with the northern lights high above you; the ultimate experience of a night trip with a sled, pulled by huskies right through the unspoilt nature of Ruka in Lapland. Packed well in warm clothing, you will experience an unique and unforgettable experience.

Lapland, Ruka and the northern lights

Lapland, belonging to Finland, is one of the last unspoilt natural areas in Europe. Extensive forests, rolling hills of Ruka and countless lakes form part of the breathtaking landscape, which is covered with a thick layer of snow for much of the year. During the winter months you have a good chance to see the northern lights (aurora borealis) in Lapland, including in Ruka. The northern lights are a light phenomenon that has made a big impression on everyone who has ever experienced this. The northern light, just like her little sister the southern light, is caused by the solar wind, but mainly has many mythological and spiritual explanations. Stories that only become credible when you have seen the Northern Lights with your own eyes in Lapland.

The husky

Huskies are born sled dogs. A husky is built to brave the cold and snow and is in its best element, running and pulling a sled. Huskies are social animals that love to cuddle. A husky is the perfect companion during an exciting sled ride through Ruka in Lapland!


We start two hours after sunset from our camp in Finnish Lapland with the huskies and sleds for a journey of about forty minutes. The destination of the trip is a hilltop in Ruka with a beautiful view and a chance to see the beautiful northern lights. We stop at this hilltop to enjoy the unique natural phenomenon and a hot drink. Then we return to the camp to talk around the campfire in front of the Lapin Kota and share the experiences.

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