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The husky as a guide.

The Sami and their country Sápmi are at the cultural and historical basis of Scandinavia. Sápmi extends over various Scandinavian countries, including Finland. We are going to discover that part of Sápmi on a beautiful sled tour, with the husky as an enthusiastic 'motor'! We make a tour through the area of ​​Sápmi, where time seems to have stood still. Age-old trees, unique flora and fauna and the primal force of nature. The tour provides an unforgettable, unique experience and a way to find the balance between people and nature.


The Sami, which means 'Together', are originally nomadic people who mainly lived from reindeer breeding, fishing and hunting. Today, the vast majority of the Sami have settled as fisherman, farmer or self-employed person, but some Sami traditions - such as the colourful clothing and typical music ('joik') - are still being honored.

The husky

Huskies are born sled dogs. A husky is built to brave the cold and snow and is in its best element, running and pulling the sled. Huskies are social animals that love to cuddle. A husky is the perfect companion during an exciting sled tour through Sápmi!

Program husky tour

We start on the frozen Kitka Lake, glide over frozen swamps and through the taiga forest of Finland in a swirling sled tour. You feel at one with the huskies and with nature around you and you draw energy from the power of the country Sápmi. The destination is Lapin Kota in our 'Siberia' camp, home of the huskies. There we share the impressive experience while enjoying a hot drink!

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