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Clear your mind!
Ice fishing in Finland.

Everyone has their own way of completely clearing their mind. One goes for a walk, the other crawls into a corner of the couch with a good book. In Finland they go ice fishing, for example on Lake Kitka or in Ruka.

Traditional ice fishing in Finland

White snow, blue sky and nothing but peace and space around you. You feel at one with nature. In Finland they have found the ideal way to meditate with ice fishing. You quietly sit on the ice next to a hole with a diameter of ten centimeters, in which you slowly move a rod up and down. Ice fishing is mainly about the meditative element, not about catching fish. If there the fish aren’t biting, you drill a new hole a little further in which you lower the line. It is a soothing, repetitive ritual where you immerse yourself with the elements around you. After a few hours you leave completely relaxed - whether or not with your own caught fish - from the ice.

Lake Kitka and Ruka

Ruka is located in the municipality of Kuusamo in Finland. Ruka is known for its winter sports center and is part of a beautiful mountainous landscape full of lakes and rivers. Enough space for ice fishing! Lake Kitka is the largest freshwater source in Finland. Summer or winter, you can always go to Lake Kitka for both exciting and relaxing activities.

Program in Ruka or on Lake Kitka

Together we go to Ruka or Lake Kitka and look for a suitable place to drill a hole for ice fishing. All the required material is made available by us, and we stay on the ice for a few hours to relax and to try our luck catching fish. After ice fishing we continue the relaxation by the fireplace, where we enjoy a drink while waiting for the caught fish to be prepared and served in a local way.

Also enjoy relaxing ice fishing on Lake Kitka or in Ruka in Finland and book now for an unforgettable experience!

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