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Oulanka National Park

Untouched nature

Oulanka National Park is a park that does not care about borders. Not from the land borders – it is partly in Finland, Finnish Lapland and Russia - nor from the borders of beauty. Oulanka National Park is the mecca for (nature) photographers, hikers and water sports enthusiasts. Founded in 1956 and with an area of almost 270 square kilometres, it offers a great diversity of flora and fauna. And as a visitor you always discover new wonders of the nature of Oulanka National Park.

Then and now

Oulanka National Park was once inhabited by the Sami. The Finns did not arrive in the area until the end of the seventeenth century. Hunting and fishing were the main means of subsistence for this semi-nomadic people. Food for the cattle was collected from the natural meadows on the shores of the River. To get more hay, they raised water to the fens by damming brooks. Today, volunteers who take care of the meadows still apply this technique. In Oulanka National Park old log cabins from this time are still used as open wilderness huts and you see reindeer droppings as a silent witnesses of traditional agriculture in the area.

Oulanka National Park is characterized by the many lakes and rivers in the area. It is therefore ideally suited for various water sports such as rafting, canoeing and fishing. Those who want to hike in Oulanka National Park will pass many suspension bridges and impressive waterfalls. One of the most famous walking routes is Karhunkierros trail (also known as The Bear's Trail or The Bear's Ring), a journey of eighty kilometres that you can generally walk in five to six days. Along the route there are free wilderness huts, shelters and campfire places. The Pieni Karhunkierros Trail (nine kilometres), the Ristikallio Trail (thirty kilometres) and the Keroharju Trail (fourteen kilometres) are also popular hiking trails.

Taiga school

Taiga School is located in the heart of Finland, by the largest unregulated freshwater source in the country, Lake Kitka, and in the middle of the Taiga forest with its more than six hundred years old trees. From Taiga School you can undertake many special activities, such as ice fishing, sleigh rides with huskies, or immerse yourself in the traditional rituals of the Finnish sauna. You can choose to stay in our log cabin or spend the night in our hotel. Every activity guarantees an unique and unforgettable experience!

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