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The balance between human and nature
Taiga school is sustainable

A good balance between human and nature. That is what we want to give to the guests of the Taiga School, as well is it our goal within Taiga school. The world is changing fast, and those changes often bring major environmental challenges. Also in Finland. Together with our guests, we take our responsibility and accept the challenge of keeping our footprint as small as possible by working sustainably. We look for the right balance between input and output, so that not only we, but also the future generations can enjoy the nature that we love so much. And with which everyone is inseparable connected.


Sustainable heating systems in the arctic region of Finland are a challenge. We respond to this by generating electricity through solar panels. We generate sustainable heat with the help of biomass heaters, which also heat the water for the central heating in their turn. This way, the rooms of Taiga School remain sustainable and wonderfully warm. In the living room and dining room we use a sustainable wood-burning fireplace and a Bullerjan wood-burning stove for the authentic scent and cozy sound of a crackling fire. If guests are not staying in these areas, we use the central heating which is heated by pressed wood pellets from Finland. Very sustainable!


Finns take food very seriously. Finland has always been a rural society and people mainly lived from what nature had to offer. They have never lost that connection with nature in Finland. They grow up with a broad and deep knowledge of Finnish nature and know how to recognize edible plants, berries and mushrooms. Finland has the 'everyman's rights': freedom to roam - with the exception of a few areas such as nature reserves and military zones. You will also find a lot of 'superfood' in Finland; aromatic and nutrient-rich products, from blueberries to chanterelle mushrooms. Taiga School contributes to reducing the footprint by opting for sustainably and responsibly produced food. Together with our guests we look for food and herbs in the primeval forest and catch fish from Lake Kitka, the largest freshwater source in Finland, which we prepare for you in our smoking oven. You will not find meat in our kitchen. We make everything ourselves and take all allergies into account.


Because the products used by Taiga School are mainly of sustainable biological and regional origin, the waste resulting from this can be composted for the most part. The compost is then used for our own greenhouses and vegetable gardens for the sustainable production of food in Finland. Obviously we also separate plastic and glass. We are working on a plan to become less dependent on delivered food in the coming years by producing our own sustainable products where possible. This not only benefits the taste and nutritional value of the products, it also contributes to the balance between human and the environment that we all strive for.

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